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Set up your own fundraiser. It’s easy!

Multiply your support for Back@Home through a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Campaign. Using our donation page, you can quickly set up your own campaign.


Create your own fundraising page.

Visit this page, set up an account, and follow the instructions. Set your own fundraising goal, upload a picture, and write a message. You’re read to go!

Step 1


Share your page across platforms.

It’s simple! Just click on the sharing links on your fundraising page to share instantly on Facebook, Twitter, email, and via text so you can get it in front of all your friends, family, and colleagues.

Step 2


Encourage giving.


Have a birthday coming up? Tell friends and family to donate to your favorite nonprofit instead of buying you more gifts. Don’t have a birthday coming up? Use holidays like Thanksgiving, #GivingTuesday, or Christmas to encourage people to give to your campaign.


Make sure your network understands why supporting Back@Home is so important to you. What’s your connection to Back@Home? Or homelessness? Or disaster? What moves you about the work?


You set a goal when you started your page for a reason, right? Tell your network what reaching that goal will mean. You can use the packages we’ve created to help quantify the amount you’re fundraising for. Don’t forget: as you get closer to your goal, send out updates as to how much more is left to go to get you there!


Share posts or images from NCCEH’s social media to help you raise awareness and spread the word. Find us on twitter, instagram, and facebook. Use hastags #BackAtHomeNC and #EndHomelessnessNC

Step 3


Thank you + have fun!

Step 4