Give Help

You can help disaster survivors who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Join us in ensuring that everyone returns to a safe and stable home.

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Become a Back@Home Landlord

Back@Home needs landlords in the disaster-declared counties who are willing to lease to participating families.

Back@Home provides short-term rental assistance and case management to help households get back into housing while they address other parts of their lives that were disrupted by the storm.

To hear more about the program and sign up to be a part of Back@Home, please contact


Make a Financial Contribution

Back@Home is a partnership that uses public and private dollars to rehouse families and ensure they have the necessities to re-establish their home. Back@Home was created to fill gaps in disaster assistance. There were just too many stories of families falling through the cracks of existing programs. Because the program is aimed at filling gaps, situations often come up that aren’t eligible for the different funding streams we use to rehouse families. Your contribution helps to make sure that we have flexible funding to meet the differing needs.

Private donations for Back@Home are being accepted by the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness.

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Spread the Word.

Support Back@Home by talking about Back@Home with your friends, family, and coworkers. Share our webpage. Share a story. Encourage others to donate by holding your own fundraiser or sharing our donation page.

With your help, we can recruit more landlords, raise additional funds, reach more families, and show leaders that a disaster rehousing program has the public’s support.

Join the conversation online by using #BackAtHomeNC and #EndHomelessnessNC on twitter, instagram, and facebook.